Relationship between Domain Name and IP Address

The Internet was formally formed in a small number of computers, it linked to modems and telephone lines. From that, you need to provide the IP address to connect with modems and telephone lines.

Not long after that a problem arises when more and more hosts created, the current system cannot afford to maintain the raising data. Due to the limitation the domain name was introduced. The domain name means to simplicity the process, so the Network Information Center once again regaining its ability to maintain the internet. But again it become tough when the text file multiply, the current solution need to fine tune again. Responding to the problem University of Wisconsin in 1983 invented the very first Domain Name System, it converts the texts names into IP address in more convenient way.

The system works very well and people started to follow them, the system has been used since then until now. The creation of IP address lessens the trouble and difficulties in connection between people and computers. This is how the World Wide Web (WWW) becomes global easily instantly. That is the feedback from user around the world, never the less find out more about it.

The IP address and domain name are two different identities, but their roles are same to the world. They are connected and supporting each other, the IP address needs the domain name to function properly. So does to domain name, it cannot go online without connecting to IP address.

Now you have the picture about it, let's go to further explanation. IP address formed in 30-bit numeric address, it consists of four group of number divided by dots. Here is an example (four different group numbers). Every group number represent network, there is no fixed format on IP address but each of them are unique and different. The Ip address can work in either sides, it can be a network for domain name or a host for networks.

I believe that you get the real picture by now. The domain name represents single or several IP address. Now we know that IP address and domain name are bound to each other, web pages will lose the identity without them. For an instance if you look for certain site page, you usually will type the domain name to get there. What happen exactly here is the domain name converts to IP address and directly to the site.

That's how they work in a system, once again you can use the domain name or IP address to locate site page easily now.